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The village of Binda existed long before it was gazetted as a town in 1851. As the oldest town in the district, Binda was the first to have a post office, police station, courthouse and government school.

Cloaked in history, many of Binda's old stone buildings have barely changed throughout the years. St James Anglican Church dates back to 1864 and the Binda Cemetery has graves from the 1840s.

The post office used to be the hotel, made famous by a Ben Hall hold up. Wanting to share in the local Christmas festivities in 1864, the trio robbed the Morris’ store of over 100 pounds, picked up their dates and rounded up the village folk of Binda. They locked themselves and the villagers into the Flag Hotel and made them dance and party. Mr Morris (a retired policeman) escaped and attempted to get help. This angered Ben Hall who burnt down the Morris’ store in revenge.

'Funny Hill', a farming property near the village, is famous for its racecourse, which is the second oldest country racecourse in NSW. A stone cottage on the premises is testimony to the very real danger bushrangers presented. The cottage was built especially with narrow slits in the walls to allow the residents to poke their guns through and fire without exposing themselves or their home to bullets. This is on private land so please respect the owner's privacy.

Tourist information, petrol and refreshments are available at the local store.


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