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Only 2 minutes off the Hume Highway takes you to the peaceful village of Gunning, a fine wool growing district settled since 1821.  Explorers Hume and Hovell left from here in 1824.

Everything you need is in Gunning.  Sample the country food.  Taste local wines.  Visit the old Coronation Theatre now an art gallery and antiques store.  Ask about the newsagency's link to Prince Charles.  Enjoy a picnic in the tranquil Barbour Park.  Visit us during our regular market days or annual events like the show, patchwork weekend and fireworks display.  All conveniences including toilets, fuel and a caravan park are available.

Gunning in its early days was rocked by two gruesome murders.  At the general cemetery, read the tombstone of JK Hume, shot dead by the notorious Whitten gang.  Find out about the infamous Lucretia Dunkley who with her lover murdered her husband with an axe.  They were hanged at Berrima Jail after a sensational trial. 

Gunning's history is seen in its built heritage from historic to unpretentious.  There is the Court House, the churches, humble Pye Cottage Museum and two 19th century buildings, the Frankfield Hotel and the Do Duck Inn, now attractive B&Bs. Gunning railway station is also heritage listed.  The old Hume highway over the Cullerin Range features generations of old roads, ideal for bushwalkers and cyclists, and a favoured driving route for motorcycles and vintage cars. 

Visit Gunning soon - our friendly villagers will look after you.


Grabben Gullen is the Aboriginal name for ‘small waters’ and describes this town perfectly. The abundance of feeder streams into the Lachlan River have provided a treasure trove for fossickers over the years. Sapphires, garnets, zircons and gold can still be found today and the public fossicking area is under the bridge on the Sapphire Road.

The village warmly welcomes visitors and can provide meals and accommodation for hungry and tired travellers.


Dalton was once described in early records as: ‘...the haunt of cattle duffers, bushrangers and robbery under arms...’. Today, this peaceful small town protects its heritage with pride and dedication.

The Dalton Shearing Co-op and Farm Museum houses much of the early history and guided tours are arranged by appointment.

An amazing fossil leaf deposit with particularly fine detail has been preserved in Dalton. One unusual and significant slab of Dalton fossil can be seen under a shelter in the park next to Oolong Creek.

Dalton’s hotel (c.1865) is often used as a stopover for vintage car and motorcycle club tours.

A little known but interesting fact is that the town is situated on a fault in the earth’s crust and has receives minor but persistent tremors.


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